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  •  Oles Maiboroda
  •  Berlin, Germany

Hi, I’m Oles Maiboroda. I do Frontend for a living and have interest in Engineering, UI/UX and Product development

Frontend 360

I needed to organize my thoughts on Frontend so I've ended up with a mindmap that I've ambitiously named as Frontend 360.

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Why I love Frontend: two triangles

The chance to work Product ⇆ Frontend ⇆ Design and Backend ⇆ Frontend ⇆ DevOps - that's what make our position unique.

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Editing web translations right in your browser

Give your translator more context by enabling In-Context-Editor

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Three ways to name i18n translation keys

Teams do internationalization of applications either from the very beginning or after delivering a primary language. Usually, the translation flow looks similar to the following:

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Control the colors in your project

Sometimes you may face this kinds of projects which bring you a little discomfort in the stomach. Today we'll talk about colors in particular and how they can be organized.

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